Welcome Kit


Weather in Pune:

The weather in Pune is warm/hot in the month of April – it is the summer season for India. Pune is quite dusty and dry and the air is partly polluted, so you need to keep this in mind. The maximum temperature ranges between 38-42 Degrees Centigrade and Minimum temperature between 35-38 degrees Centigrade, so depends when you come from, you may not have been in such a hot weather before, so please take as much precautions as possible (remain hydrate, bring light clothes, etc)


It is recommended that each participant carry their own prescribed medication when they come to India on this trip. There is a doctor on call, available in case of any emergency. It is also recommended that one carries an anti- mosquito repellent. Also simple medication for stomach ache, headache, anti allergy, fever.


In case one has a sleep problem, once can carry ear plugs with them (India is a very loudly country even at night)


It is the peak of summer in India at the moment. We suggest that one carries many cotton or light clothing to be in tune with this weather.

Travel Insurance

It is recommended and encouraged that each participant comes with a travel insurance as well as a Medical insurance (for those who need it) for the duration of the trip until return to their respective country. Please contact the organizers in advance for that purpose if you are not able to have travel insurance by your own.

Dietary requirements :

Please note that the participants are kindly requested to inform us in advance of their food preferences – due to health reasons, religious beliefs, allergies, etc. Please make it a point to mention this in the registration form, so that arrangements can be made at the venue to take this fact into account for meals being provided by them.

Computers adaptators: India has 3 pin points, in case you need an adaptor for your computer or other bring it with you. The voltage in India is 220 -230V.


Airport Arrival and Transportation :

Will be provided by KKPKP/SWaCH after we have your arrival/departure dates and timings. This will be applicable for arrivals into Mumbai and Pune. Those arriving into Mumbai, we will arrange for your pickup from the international airport and to be dropped off in Pune at the place where accommodation has been reserved for the participants. There will be some one from here to receive the participants at the Mumbai airport on arrival. The participants are encouraged to look for a yellow banner which says SWACH. The concerned persons will be holding this banner at the “ARRIVALS” gate outside the International airport in Mumbai. They will then be requested to wait at a particular place until the taxi is brought from the parking lot to pickup area where the passengers are waiting. All passengers will be dropped off at YASHADA.

NOTE : Please be very alert and careful with your personal belonging (suitcase and carry-on baggage) AT ALL TIMES, until you are safely in the vehicle for departure to Pune. This is to avoid any untoward incidence of loss of baggage.

Size of luggage for domestic air travel:

  • All baggage should not weigh more than 20 Kgs for check in baggage, 7 kgs for Cabin baggage.
  • Please be sure to have a change of clothes and any medication with you in your carry-on in case your luggage is delayed for what ever reason.

Currency and Money Exchange :

Please check the exchange rate at the time of your arrival. It is strongly recommended that you exchange money at the MUMBAI International airport for a small amount of say $.50 . While you are in Pune, in case one needs money in exchange of dollars, that can be arranged – please contact Sandra to help you out.

Present exchange rate is : $.1 = Rs.52.


Visas are not issued on arrival at any Indian ports of entry. All participants should double check their visa status before entry into India/Mumbai.



Accommodation for all international participants and Venue of the Workshop, Conference in Pune will be at same place!

Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA),
Raj Bhavan complex,
Baner road,
PUNE – 411 007

Tel : +91 (020) 25608356/25608000
Fax : +91 (020) 25608100
Website: www.yashada.org

Accommodation includes : All meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Check-in 24 hours check-out 24 hours. Ask at the reception where luggage can be left and room allotment. Meals would be mostly vegetarian and non-vegetarian would be chicken or mutton or fish.


Please contact : Sandra @ 9765405479 or Papiya @ 9158028800

Other costs:

Telephone calls – both local and international services at the YASHADA are to be paid for in person and cannot be billed to the room. KKPKP/SWaCH/WIEGO will not be responsible for any such charges. However, KKPKP/SWaCH/WIEGO can cover the cost of one phone call made by the waste picker representative. All laundry charges and incidental are to be borne by the individual, independently. This also applies to purchase of bottled water/soft drinks, if needed. KKPKP/SWaCH/WIEGO will not pay for alcohol (which includes beer), cigarettes, paan, etc. Alcohol is prohibited on the premises of YASHADA.

Drinking water facility : There is a water filter installed on each floor of the residential complex as well as where the Conference venue is situated. Each room is provided with the same water (in water jugs) and is very safe for drinking purposes – it is known as the Aqua Guard filteration system in India. Bottled water is available on purchase of the same @ Rs.20/- ($.0.50p) for a bottle of 500 ml. Please don’t drink tap water elsewhere appart from the place of the meeting, and wash your hands everytime before eating.


  • Check-in time is 24 hours
  • Check-out time is: 24 hours
  • All rooms are equipped with private shower, bathroom, balcony, TV, wireless internet, air con, telephone and unlimited internet access.
  • All rooms will be dual occupancy. Rooms are single gender. Shared language, familiarity, and arrival and departure dates have been considered in the designation of roommates.
  • Extra charges such as phone calls, room service, or meals outside the group meals, are at the expense of the guest.
  • All rooms are equipped with 3 pin points, in case you need an adaptor for your computer. The voltage in India is 220 -230V.

Reimbursements and Receipts

Those requesting reimbursement are requested to present the original receipts , boarding passes and invoices for accounting purposes. Without these, reimbursements may not be possible. (Please carry original stamped bills in case you have booked tickets). Please note that KKPKP will not make any payment to Activists or Wastepickers accompanying the group due to loss of daily wage, for attending the Exchange programme. This amount is to be borne by the Organization itself.

Please retain and submit all boarding passes to our staffer who will be at the venue. On your return to your country, kindly scan and send us the return Boarding passes (this is in case KKPKP is offering the payment of ticket).

Those receipts and reimbursement that would be accepted are related to:

  • all visa costs (passports, pictures, travel agency when needed, visa fee, etc)
  • travel to and from the airport
  • medication for trip purpose (such as malaria pills if needed)
  • vaccinations costs (yellow fever)
  • snacks, beverages or meals during the trip (e.g during airport transfers)

Those receipts who may not fit the above list needs to be authorized by committee in charge of that purpose once in India (formed by SwaCH/KKPKP, WIEGO and RedLacre)

Meeting Support :

Basic conference facilities and services are available including LCD projector for power point presentations.


Photocopying and printing services are available during the meeting. Those who want their papers or documents to be distributed are expected to send in their e-copy to the organizer well in advance. .

Organiser Contact Details :

Kagad, Kach, Patra Kashtakari Panchayat,
89, New Timber Market,
Bhawani Peth,
PUNE – 411 042

Tel : +91 (020) 25447336 / 26430764
Contact: Sandra Braganza: +919765405479 for any additional query

Welcome to Pune, India!!